Sharpening Spotlight: Colonial Saw Celebrates Turning 60!
By Debora Babin Katz
(Photos circa 1969)
Colonial Saw recently celebrated its 60th Birthday, and we would like to thank you, our loyal customers, for making this possible.  We look forward to many more years of providing quality grinding products, accessories and service to the Tool Service Community. 
Next issue of Sharpening News, we will return with a in depth look at one of our customer's grinding shops and how they have weathered the recession.  If you are interested in having your company featured in the Sharpening Spotlight, please contact us by either emailing Debora at or calling her at 1-781-585-4364 extension 206.  We look forward to hearing from you.
(Photos circa 1969)

Product Spotlight:
NEW LC35E CNC 4 or 5-Axis Grinder 
Sharpen CNC Compression Bits in One Set Up!
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Demo Video of the UTMA LC35E  
The UTMA LC35E CNC Automatic Tool and Cutter Grinder offered by Colonial Saw is both a simple and economical way to  automatically grind straight, spiral and cylindrical tools. This new machine comes in two versions, a four axis with manual wheel tilting or a five axis version with automatic wheel tilting.  Until now shops looking to sharpen CNC compression bits had to either buy an expensive 5-axis round tool manufacturing machine or regrind in two set ups (1 for up shears, the other for down shears) with a 4-axis machine.  With the LC35E CNC you can do it in one setup for only $110,000.  The tilting wheel axis also allows the machine to regrind the tool's flute and do the primary O.D. relief in a single set up using a wheel pack.  Other features include:
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Tech Tidbit
Spiral Grinding: The NASCAR of sharpening revs up revenue for shops.
By Rudy Stalder 
Spiral grinding is the sharpening of spiral shank tools on either the flute, or outside diameter or both. Spiral tools come as up shear, down shear, or compressions (which combine up and down shear on the same tool).  Customers who typically require compression bits or up-down shear are woodworking companies who use CNC routers to manufacture their products. 
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Improve Small Business Profitability
Accepting Credit Cards: The Cost of Convenience 
By Ed Sealy, Controller


Credit cards offer a convenient way for customers to pay for goods and services, but grinding shop owners should be aware that there are "hidden" costs for this convenience.


Credit card companies develop what is called a “settlement rate” (really a transaction fee) for each merchant.  This rate is based on the dollar volume of processed credit card transactions.  However, you should know that this rate applies only to consumer Master Cards and Visa Cards (i.e., the personal ones that we all carry).  This means any transaction that utilizes a business or corporate card of any type is considered “non standard” by the credit card processing company and carries an additional fee.


Here’s how it works:

Assume your settlement rate is 2.75% and you have $20,000 in credit card transactions in a particular month, your cost will be $550.00. Let’s also assume that 90% of these charges were made on “non standard” business or corporate cards at an additional rate of 1.3%. This will add  $234.00 to your bill. Therefore, your total cost is $784.00 or almost 4% of the $20,000 in transactions. The fees are typically withdrawn directly from your checking account by the credit card processing company via an Automated Clearing House ("ACH") debit, so we often don't even realize the additional costs we are paying for in order to offer our customers convenience.

Keep in mind that credit cards like American Express and Discover--although processed through the same companies as MasterCard and Visa--have their own settlement rates (around 3%). 
All credit card processing companies base settlement fees on transaction volume, but settlement rates will vary somewhat from company to company so it’s best to shop around and obtain a couple of quotes from these companies.  You can easily find on the Web information about most credit card processing companies.  For example, here's one review done by on credit card processing companies:  Credit cards do offer sharpening customers flexibility--you just need to understand what this convenience is truly costing you and shop around for the best rates.

Reminder - Year-End Tax Deductions
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